Monday, November 16, 2009

Sometimes I hate the internet.

I enjoy the funny pictures people on the internet produce. Sometimes they're so absurd, hilarious and wonderful.

One thing that always snaps me back out of joy, however, is the undercurrent of misogyny. Actually, 'undercurrent' isn't quite strong enough a word, because it's not subtle. What I'm specifically blogging about now is the average internet user's hatred for any woman larger than size eight.

There are certain things that we, as individuals, are attracted to in the opposite sex. In my previous blog post I wrote briefly about the book Fat: A Misunderstood Ingredient, in it the author draws attention to an interesting shift in what is considered attractive in women. Before food was readily available everywhere in North American, plump women were greatly sought after. Now that food is plentiful and plumpness is easy to attain, the desires have shifted to an admiration of skinniness.

There is a culture of nastiness all over the internet, a clamor that calls for the shaming of anyone 'overweight'. It seems it's not enough to simply express admiration for what we consider attractive, we must let everyone know how disgusted we are by anyone whose tummy isn't tight as a drum.

Now, these expressions of disgust and loathing from anyone trying to get a laugh at the expense of someone they consider fat come from an interesting place. What I've discovered recently is that most young men (and young men are mostly responsible for this behavior) are primarily concerned with what their peers think of them. They themselves might find a little body fat very exciting but are afraid their friends will marginalize them.

So what I'm saying is that it's all very sad. Non-skinny girls will feel sad at being mocked for the amusement of skinnies and the ones doing the mocking are, at least some of the time, denying their own desires for fear of what people will say about them.

The image that brought this on was this

claiming that Ed Hardy clothes make you look fat. Look everyone Ms. Spears is looking healthier than ever! Ha ha ha!

It's so pointless.



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