Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sometimes people are okay.

When you find someone's wallet, do you raid it for cash?

Sometimes people find it odd that I don't. I happen to have found a wallet a couple of years ago. I saw it on the road as I was driving past in my car and I stopped to pick it up. Its owner went to the local junior high school so that's where I brought it. The young lady got it back and was quite grateful.

Of course, less than a year before the same thing happened to me. While traveling I left my wallet on the roof of my car after a coffee stop and lost it on the on-ramp. Someone picked that thing up and got it back to me. No money was salvaged, but then again, I only had coins and they sprayed all over the QEW.

On a recent trip down to Niagara to visit my in-laws I lost a library book. We were sleeping on couches and surviving on caffeine and I had slept little and was not yet caffeinated. I was getting my kid into the car so I had to put my book down, which I did, on the roof of the dang car. That was the last time I saw it.

That was a few weeks ago and I was really bummed, not only because we'd have to pay the library to replace the book (cost of the book plus restocking fee.) but because I was really enjoying that book (Climbing Mount Improbable - Richard Dawkins).

I don't know what the library system is like in your town (provided you live anywhere but my town), but around here I can access my library account over the web. I checked my list today and that book isn't there anymore. Just gone. This means one of two things; either some sort of incredibly unlikely clerical error has left me scott free or someone went to the trouble of picking that book up and turning it in to a library.

I'm off the hook and I have some anonymous do-gooder to thank for it.

So, thanks anonymous do-gooder.


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