Monday, July 25, 2011

Does life begin at conception?

Pro-Lifers repeat the talking point 'life begins at conception' with dreary regularity. As though they actually know when the soul enters a zygote, they state as fact that life begins at conception as shaming tactic against those who dare tread on their god's territory - sacred life.

I'm pro-choice. I believe that for the state to restrict access to abortion constitutes governmental violence against women.

Do I believe life begins at conception?


I believe life began approximately 3 billion years ago. Way way way back then it began as a self-sustaining chemical process and that through natural selection it organized itself into a highly complex process that constitutes an unbroken chain from the first self-replicating molecules to you and me. Does life begin at conception? Well, is the cluster of cells that constitute a human egg inside a woman's ovaries non-living matter? No, it's life.

It's pretty ironic that I have what I think is a stricter view of life than anti-choicers do and yet I am still in favor of a woman's right to choose.

Does life begin at conception?

No, life doesn't begin.

That already happened a long, long time ago.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Am I a poster-boy for double-standards?

The killer in Olso, Norway has claimed that video games were a vital training component for carrying out his massacre. I just knew, as soon as I read that, that people would come out of the woodwork decrying video games as murder simulators and empathy eroding systems.

In my mind I scoffed at this, pretending to point out the millions of gamers around the world who literally don't go on killing sprees and are horrified by this news.

But this made me think of an argument against religion that atheism activists make. The argument is that while not all religious people are violent extremists, mainstream religion provides a respectable cover for them to foment extremism.

So, am I for this argument when it comes to religion and scoff at the argument when it applies to something I enjoy?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Bill Watson thinks you're an idiot.

To all the people out there with stickers in their vehicles' rear windows of Calvin mischievously peeing on a brand you don't like, I don't like you. Calvin was a manifestation of unrestrained youth, without borders or expectations. Calvin is transcendent and your stupid sticker is crass and moronic.

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