Monday, July 25, 2011

Does life begin at conception?

Pro-Lifers repeat the talking point 'life begins at conception' with dreary regularity. As though they actually know when the soul enters a zygote, they state as fact that life begins at conception as shaming tactic against those who dare tread on their god's territory - sacred life.

I'm pro-choice. I believe that for the state to restrict access to abortion constitutes governmental violence against women.

Do I believe life begins at conception?


I believe life began approximately 3 billion years ago. Way way way back then it began as a self-sustaining chemical process and that through natural selection it organized itself into a highly complex process that constitutes an unbroken chain from the first self-replicating molecules to you and me. Does life begin at conception? Well, is the cluster of cells that constitute a human egg inside a woman's ovaries non-living matter? No, it's life.

It's pretty ironic that I have what I think is a stricter view of life than anti-choicers do and yet I am still in favor of a woman's right to choose.

Does life begin at conception?

No, life doesn't begin.

That already happened a long, long time ago.

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